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Heavy Metal - January 2004

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Heavy Metal - January 2004

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Heavy Metal - January 2004


January - Vol. 27 No. 6

Cover - "Guardian Of The Gate" - Simon Bisley
p.02-03 - "Cave Paint" - Cindy Anne Joubert
p.04 - "Publisher's Note" - Kevin Eastman
p.04 - "Letters To The Editor"
p.06-07 - "Galactic Geographic: Gallery: Eater Of Worlds" - Karl Kofoed
p.09-12 - "Gallery: Lawrence Northey"
p.14-15 - "Dossier: The Joys Of The Flash, Rocket Ships, Ray Guns, And Way-Cool Robots..." - Steven C. Ringgenberg, Mac Raboy, and Alex Raymond
p.18 - "The Main Categories Of Orgasms" - Jacky Goupil and Walter
p.19 - "Sexual Statistics" - Jacky Goupil and Walter
p.21-28 - "The Adventures Of Arthur McKnife, Archaeologist: Eggsactly" - Andrea Antonazzo, Raffaele Marinetti, and Mauro Balloni
p.30-33 - "IMPH 7: Fast Food" - Stephen St. Laurent and Pepijn Berghout
p.35-67, 108-128 - "Gypsy: The Aztec Laugh" - Enrico Marini and Thierry Smolderen
p.68-73 - "Hawkweed & Calla" - Scott Purcell, Gabe Bridwell, Jack Purcell, and Mark Stefanowicz
p.76-83 - "The Disco Brothers" - Stefano Cardoselli and Rita Gorgoni
p.86-93 - "Island Of Myth" - Giardino
p.95-104 - "Identity Crisis" - Mauro Balloni
p.96.5 - "Tip-In Series No. 15" - Félix Vega
p.105-107 - "Race Yukon Of The RGMP" - Larry Nadolsky
Back Cover - "The Darkk Scream" - Cindy Anne Joubert

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