Mini Serie em 2 Partes The Witching Hour

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Mini Serie em 2 Partes The Witching Hour

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Mini Serie em 2 Partes 

Witching Hour (1999 Vertigo)

WRITTEN BY JEPH LOEB; ART AND COVER BY CHRIS BACHALO AND ART THIBERT. People who touch the Dark, embrace the Wicked, or are doomed by Desires, all open themselves to being caught up in the deadly enchantments of THE WITCHING HOUR. The VERTIGO debut of award-winning writer Jeph Loeb (SUPERMAN, BATMAN: DARK VICTORY), this landmark 3- issue Prestige Format miniseries is also the VERTIGO return of artist Chris Bachalo (DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, STEAMPUNK, Generation X), elegantly inked by Art Thibert (SUPERMAN/FANTASTIC FOUR, X-Men). The setting is Manhattan, where the mysterious Amanda Collins moves through the troubled lives of ordinary people armed with little more than a blank white business card and a strange, supernatural presence. She's giving them the chance to change their lives; but the choice they make will depend entirely on the forces that already exist in their hearts. Amanda herself is a mesmerizing presence and, as she works modern magic with the help of a colorful if not entirely loyal coterie of followers, another side of her begins to emerge: one that is troubled, powerful and possibly centuries old. At the crossroads of the supernatural and the very real, THE WITCHING HOUR spins bold, provocative tales of sin, magic and redemption. Prestige Format. MATURE READERS FC, 48 PG. (1 OF 3" 

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