Monstress  Vol 2  The Blood

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Monstress Vol 2 The Blood

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Monstress, Vol. 2: The Blood
(Monstress #2)
by Marjorie M. Liu (Goodreads Author), Sana Takeda (Illustrator)

Maika Halfwolf is on the run from a coalition of forces determined to control or destroy the powerful Monstrum that lives beneath her skin. But Maika still has a mission of her own: to discover the secrets of her late mother, Moriko.

In this second volume of Monstress, collecting issues 7-12, Maika's quest takes her to the pirate-controlled city of Thyria and across the sea to the mysterious Isle of Bones. It is a journey that will force Maika to reevaluate her past, present, and future, and contemplate whether there's anyone, or anything, she can truly trust--including her own body.

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