Reign The Of Supermen #79

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Reign The Of Supermen #79

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Synopsis for "Prove it."

New Daily Planet reporter Ronald Troupe is out to "prove himself" as a worthy successor to Clark Kent when he goes to report the story of a lifetime: whether the Cyborg Superman truly is Superman. Traveling to Washington, D.C., Ronald manages to meet with Maxwell Lord outside the White House as he is on his way to an appointment with the U.S. President when Qurac terrorists attack. Cyborg Superman comes on the scene to take out the terrorists, but becomes a victim of the White House's defense computer systems as they fire upon him while Ronald and Maxwell take cover. Soon, with Cyborg Superman producing a sonic disruptor that helps Ronald use a retina scanner to prove his identity as Superman, he enters the White House warning that the terrorist threat isn't over, and soon plugs himself into their computers to discover that Maxwell Lord's briefcase has been switched with one that contained an explosive, melting it with his heat vision. The President personally thanked Cyborg Superman for his intervention and acknowledged him as being the one true Superman. Daily Planet editor Perry White reads Troupe's article and realizes that the young man has what it takes to be a successor to


OBS: as Revistas São Rarissimas muito antigas 

porem poder conter avarias , ou paginas amareladas ,pode 

ter marcas nas capas etc,,, devido ao tempo de impressão do produto

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