The Darkness - Batman

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The Darkness - Batman

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The Darkness - Batman


The Darkness\Batman is one-shot comic crossover between The Darkness and Batman comic series.

Synopsis Edit
Orphaned, alone in the night, he swore to avenge the murder of his parents. By day he plays the role of millionaire playboy, but as dusk falls he dons the mantle of the bat. He uses the shadows to strike fear in the hearts of criminals. He is Gotham City's protector and avenger. A mystery. An urban legend. The Detective. The Caped Crusader. The Dark Knight. He is Bruce Wayne The BATMAN.

Orphaned, alone in the night, his blood determined his destiny. Thrust into an eternal war, light against dark, he wields the most fearsome power ever known to man. He uses it to bring vengeance down upon the enemies of the only family he has ever known--the Franchetti Mafia. In the light of day he is mortal. At night he is a god. Chaos. Creation. Cursed Soul. He is Jackie Estacado The DARKNESS.

Tonight they meet.

Characters Edit
Jackie Estacado
Alfred Pennyworth
Jenny Romano
Killer Croc
Frankie Franchetti
James Gordon
Plot Summary Edit
A series of crimes have been committed in Gotham City. The investigations of Batman, lead him to the author. None other than The Darkness.

Estacado was in Gotham in order to expand the business of the clan Franchetti there. As the story unfolds, Batman and the Darkness battle each other and Estacado found out something that he was missing.

Encouraged by Jenny, Jackie finally decided to "do some good". But when he was at the police station, his uncle Francis Franchetti and his gang began a slaughter.

In the end, this episode was the first step in the independence and war between Jackie and the Franchetti family.



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